Make standalone staves part of a pair of piano staves

• Nov 23, 2020 - 01:22

Sometimes I import piano (or two-piano, chamber) works into Musescore from MIDI or MusicXML and then piano staves are stand alone.

I can't see a way to use the Instrument Panel to move a stave into a piano pair.

I've tried creating new blank staves and copying the complete original stave, but get a variety of problems e.g.
* Musescore reports that tuples cannot cross taves
* clef, key, and time signature changes midway through the staff are sometimes lost.


If you are getting tuplets cannot cross staves then there are local time signatures involved which is not the norm or you are not copying to the same place in the same score.

Clef changes are copied with everything else so you should never lose those on copy and paste.

Key and time signatures are normally the same on all instruments so that should not be a problem.

I would open the instruments dialog (press i) and add a staff to the first piano, don't add a linked staff.

You can then copy everything from the second piano to the first piano's second staff with no problems. It sounds like you are creating a new score instead so the time and key signatures are not already in place.

Once you're done copying to the second staff you can go back into instruments and delete the second piano.

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Are you copying between two instruments in the same score?

A local time signature is when one instrument has one time signature and another instrument has a different time signature in the same measure. I don't think that applies to you. It really sounds like you are copying to a different score rather than another instrument in the same score.

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I have one score open. I've never had a need to copy anything between scores.

There are no time signature differences between staves.

I've found that I can copy everything 20 bars at a time with the exception of two bars that have triplets in them. I tried to copy one of those over and it crashed Musescore.

May not be relevant but copying multiples measures with tuplets can be an issue resulting in a meassage about cannot copy etc... if you have any measures which may have an altered beat count. Say a 3/4 is reduced to 2/4. Then you need to make sure the blank measures have the same total beat count or the notes get shifted by measure and the alignment is messed up and if the notes crossing a barline are in a tuplet then you get the error. The notes are just placed in order regardless of the receiving measure setting. I usually create a lot of empty blank measures appended and paste to them. I imagine if there are timing changes in the source this could result in shifts. I only experienced the former situation. I would imagine if you paste to a single empty measure the system will append new measures as necessary and create the properties it needs.

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