trouble with simple repeats

• Nov 23, 2020 - 16:03

Hi there
I'm having trouble adjusting the play count of a simple repeat. I've highlighted the final bar of the repeat section, right clicked, bar properties, adjusted play count to 4, selected 'apply, and then 'ok, but it just doesn't seem to stick. When I play from the beginning, it plays straight through the repeat and onwards. It doesn't even repeat once, never mind four times. What am I missing please?


You are either in a pre-3.5.1 version using continuous view or you have Play repeats turned off on your toolbar. It's the button that looks like an end repeat. If you're not using 3.5.2 then upgrade.

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Mike, I've loaded new version and done the workaround. What I find now is that the simple repeat works fine. But a 1-3 and 4th time bar does not. Though I have changed the bar properties for the bar containing the end repeat mark to a play count of 4, it just repeats once then whistles right through. Again, what am I missing please?

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Not genius, experience. We have had a lot of users with similar problems (and requiring similar remedies) recently. I also have found duplicate dynamic and slurs in my own scores as a result of not getting out of the double-click habit. Old dogs, new tricks etc.

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In which normal situation would you ever want double volta on the same set of measure(s)? I think that once a volta is added above a set of measures, MuseScore should prompt you for confirmation when you seem to try to add another one. Same for fingering and lot of other elements where most of the time (not always I know) you will never attach more than one to the same item.

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> "Are we getting these because we can now enter a volta with a single click, but users are still double clicking?"
I believe so, and I believe that if the start and endpoint are a match, that we probably should not allow adding another volta there (or have them at least avoid each other, so you can see that you've added two of them)

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