Part Name, format

• Nov 30, 2020 - 11:49

In "3," how does one change the part name (the title that appears on individual parts in the top left corner of the part) ? Thanks.


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The text style name can't be changed, but the actual part name certainly can, by simply double-clicking and editing it in the score. The instructions given above were for the text style itself. You don't need to change its name, you want to change its properties. So you select the name of the style, then use the other controls like font etc to changes its properties. Or, you can change properties in the Inspector than click the "set as style" (the "S" icon) button. Same as how you'd change properties for any other text style - instrument names are no different in this respect than titles, staff text, dynamics, etc.

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You can change the tab name also. You asked two very different questions here - one about changing names on tabs, another about changing fonts used for the name on the part itself. Fonts are as I described,. The name on the tab is in File / Parts. And it works just fine to change any time before or after they are generated, in current versions of MuseScore.

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