Note plays for duration of mouse click instead of preference setting

• Oct 19, 2009 - 14:59
S4 - Minor
  1. Begin note entry
  2. Add a note to the score with a short mouse click (notice that the note plays back for an extremely short period)
  3. Add a note to the score but this time hold the mouse button down for a second before letting go (notice the note plays back for a little longer)

If it is difficult to hear the difference between the length of the note in step 2 and 3 then go to Edit > Preferences > Note Entry and increase the "Default duration to something like 900ms.


Expected behavior: Note should play for the default duration regardless of the length of mouse click (although I can understand it stopping short if you start a new mouse click).

Actual behavior: Note plays for the duration of the mouse click

(Tested using r.2228 nighlty, Windows XP)

The duration set in preferences is used when you enter notes with the keyboard.
I like this "bug" I think. It can be considered as a feature. By clicking on the notes, the right time you can almost play a melody.
Should we really consider this as a bug ?

The problem is most of the time the note is too short to properly hear if you do a normal short click. You could still get the same effect that Lasconic seems to like if the expected behavior described in #1 is implemented.

Alternatively make the default duration the minimum duration for a short click and allow the duration to continue indefinitely if the user holds down the mouse button. Currently the default duration (of 300 ms) is used as the maximum duration which hardly allows you to "almost play a melody".

Why would that, back in the day, have been a blocker?
Why close it now, no longer an issue (10 years later)?

Not that it'd matter, just curious ;-)

It would not have been blocker, but apparently since it did not have a severity field (too old for that), it automatically sets to the default, and it looks like the default is S1-blocker.

I am trying to close as many outdated issues as I can. Not sure if it is worth it though...