Possible Problems with Pizz.

• Dec 1, 2020 - 04:50

Interestingly enough, I recently got a Surface Go. It is a 10inch Windows computer that I upgraded to the full version of Windows. For the most part, it works better than I thought it might.
I have MuseScore 3.5.2 running on it. Today something interesting happened. Using the text palette, I added the pizz entry. Now the notes so marked don't play at all. Pizz in other versions has always worked. At least on other computers.
Please try this score. General HQ font.

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I'm glad I said "possible" problem.

Further investigation revels some operator error going on. Turns out when I changed the General font to General HQ, that I forgot to click the Make Default button, So the next time I opened MuseScore, the General font remained. Which means that the pizz problem might be with the General font instead. Except that.....

After making General HQ the default font again, in which pizz works, this happened: The score I'm working on played with what seemed like the proper orchestra sounds. I opened the synthesizer to double check that HQ was still the default. It was, so I closed it and opened the mixer. According to the mixer, all instruments where set to "piano." Then I saved and closed the score, closed the re-opened MS, and opened the score. The mixer showed proper instrument assignments. Except that...

I didn't mention that when I originally added pizz, there was no sound at all for the section so marked. There was sound in the measures before, but not after. Putting arco a few measures later did not bring any sound back. Deleting the pizz marking did not bring any sound back.

Unless someone else reports something similar, I wouldn't be surprised if the problem wasn't this little computer. I am purposely pushing it to see what it will do. So far, it is holding up better than the reviews let on.

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