Problem with slashes

• Dec 1, 2020 - 13:56

I am having a very odd problem with the “fill with slashes” tool. I am clicking on an empty bar (or bars), then going on tools -> fill with slashes, but then the bar fills up with two minim (half note) slashes. If I change this to crotchets/quarter notes, the notation adds rests in between the slashes. And if I try to copy-paste the slash I want, it adds an unnecessary stem to the slashes which I can’t get rid of. I’ve never had this problem before, and on all MuseScore help (even video tutorials) it automatically uses crotchet/quarter note slashes without having to do anything. Any suggestions as to how I can change this?


Probably you are in cut time indeed. But FWIW, you can get quarter note slashes in cut time with only a little extra work. Basically, you are trying to replace a sequence of half notes with quarter notes. So, fill with slashes, then Ctrl+X to cut, then Ctrl+Shift+Q or Edit / Past Half Duration. This will fill only half the region, but then hit "R" to reproduce the selection.

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