tabablature can I shift down and up guitar notes and transpose about 1 octave?

• Dec 3, 2020 - 16:01

My I ask 2 question about musescore 3 ?

1) can I shift down and up notes ?
I mean same notes but on different string
just 2 screenshot to be clean

fist screenshot original notes
second screenshot shift down notes

can i increase of 1 octave ?
octave screenshot

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orinal note.png 13.8 KB
shiftdown.png 14.97 KB
octave.png 15.79 KB


If you select only the notes, not the tablature, the notes will move up an octave if you press ctrl+up arrow and the strings should automatically update. This is assuming you have linked staves.

You can select the fret numbers and drag them one string lower

Shifting tablature notes.mscz

Looks like your example is from a different notation app which uses a regular treble clef for guitar notation.

In MuseScore (and in accordance to Clef pitch standards) configure with an 8vb treble clef, the one with the dangling 8.

You'll get this automatically if you Choose File>New and then Guitar + Tablature


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