Page settings bug

• Dec 3, 2020 - 22:13

Hello everyone,

When opening the page settings I always get the black screen.
Is this a bug?

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Literally 3.5.0, not 3.5.2? Not that I know of any changes involving this dialog fixed, but could you try 3.5.2?

Also, does this happen for any score, or just this one? Wondering if it could somehow have to do with a bad setting for page size or margin or whatever. How about the default empty score?

Normally bugs like this might be due to not using the AppImage, but I see you are. Could still be some other unexpected unmet dependency. What distribution and version of Linux?

IIRC the Page Settings dialog tries to communicate with your default printer to find the default page size. If that is not switched on or, even worse, on an unreachable network currently...

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