Capo staff text doesn't impact chord symbol play back

• Dec 6, 2020 - 18:36

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or I miss a setting? See attached score

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Somewhat related:

In a Guitar + Tablature document:

When I add "capo staff text" and set a "capo fret" number (and boy, as shown below, that's some weird rigmarole) MuseScore correctly transposes pitch of the treble clef during playback and also MuseScore correctly transposes notes I click in the treble clef.

So far so good.

On adding the "capo staff text," MuseScore also adds an instance to the tablature staff but oddly with its Capo fret property = "No capo"

So when I click various frets in the "linked tablature staff" those pitches remain untransposed.

The workaround is to select the tablature staff's "capo staff text" item and then (fasten your seatbelt!) set the capo property in:

Inspector>Properties>Staff Text Properties button>Capo settings>Capo fret>the fret number of your choice.

Simpler if linked staves start with a shared and locked "capo staff text">Capo Fret property. The user could unlock if desired, but I think the need for that would be a rare.


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I hope that MuseScore 4.0 consolidates tablature settings into some sort of a master tablature panel.

In the meantime, perhaps we could have some of this functionality in the capo section of the staff Text Properties dialog,

Highest on my priority list would the transposition Chord Symbol playback:

MuseScore capo dialog suggestion for Chord Symbol transposition.png

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