Automatic crash while trying to export to audio formats in MuseScore 3.5.2

• Dec 8, 2020 - 16:13
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S2 - Critical
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  1. Click on the 'Export' button in the 'File' tab for any MSCZ file.
  2. Select any audio format.
  3. Click on 'Save'.

Result: instant crash after completing 50% of the exporting process. The resulting file is either corrupted or useless (I would upload one of these audio files as an example but my browser won't let me).


Frequency Many Once

Frequency = Once as you are the only one reporting this ... so far.

However, clicking on a .mscz file picked at random and exporting to mp3 works fine for me. So tell us more about what version of MuseScore, what operating system, what hardware, what soundfonts etc. Perhaps someone with a similar setup can then reproduce your problem.

I'm currently on Windows 10, MuseScore version 3.5.2, hardware: Intel Core i58250U CPU processor 1.60-1.80GHz. Besides MuseScore's default SF3 soundfont I use GeneralUser GS v1.471.

We still need a sample score, as we have thousands of scores that all export fine. Most likely there is an issue with the specific score you are trying to export.

I used the GeneralUser soundfont for an organ piece, and the default Musescore SF3 soundfont for the one I just posted. Neither of them let me export them to an audio format.
I must also say though that I applied a few tweaks in the Effects tab in Synthesizer, but before MuseScore 3.5.2 came out it exported stuff to MP3 format just fine.

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Frequency Once Few

So you did! Sorry, that is what comes from clicking on the "new" comments in Recent Activity.

I can certainly export that score as an mp3 and wav and both play fine.

It seems someone else is getting the same problem #314094: WAV or MP3 export issues and has reported it earlier (just) so this is a duplicate, but there is more discussion here than there. So I am not sure which it is best to mark as the duplicate. With more than one user reporting a problem there is more chance of identifying a cause.

Currently the reproducibility of both reports is "Random" is that correct - you can export ok sometimes and sometimes not? If the problem is constant, then the reproducibility should be "Always".

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Reproducibility Randomly Always

I already used to have certain audio exporting issues before 3.5.2 came out, still I'm afraid it is now constant. So I guess I'll set reproducibility to 'Always'.
Regardless, I already have found a way to share my audio and score alltogether and it doesn't require exporting: simply uploading! The audio quality is of course not the same as I can't toggle the synthesizer effects' tab while in the online version. Still, it's what it's.
Thank all of you very much for trying to help me out to solve this problem. As seemingly more people seem to have reported similar errors, I will continue to reply here whenever it's necessary.