chopping off the end of a measure

• Dec 17, 2020 - 07:32

sooo, let's say i'd change the last note's duration, which i could do through pre\ the problem is that i don't know how to shorten or lengthen the measure with it, so eg. though the note is shorter, the next measure's first note doesn't come earlier\ so, basically i would chop off a measure's end\ i might go around like changing the time sign., hiding it, changing the notehead, or of course editing later in a daw, just asking if there's any plugin or other way to do that

anticipated thank you


In score view (not pre) select the remaining rest and use Tools → Remove Selected Range (Ctrl/Cmd+Del).
Or right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) the measure to be able to open up the Measure Properties dialog in which you can change the "actual duration" of the measure. Changing this will always keep the left part of the measure and cut/extend to the right.

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you are so awesome! fast and accurate response\ also, (i don't want to picky, this is more than enough, just thought maybe you know a way for this too) is there an "actual duration" for a single note? so then you would have a cut/extended note without changing its appearance and without leaving a gap between that and the next note\

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Not sure what you're really asking for - you are creating exercises to deliberately confuse people reading there music, or something else? Normally, MuseScore creates correct notation for the sounds you desire., But if you do wish incorrect notation, create the correct notation first, then you change noteheads all you like using the Inspector. Could be useful if you are create a dictation exercises for students where they are supposed to listen to playback and identify where on the written score it doesn't match (I'm going to be needing to do a series of these for a course I teach next semester).

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thanks for the helpful answers! you're on the right track, yes! my goal was to (make the performer to) play something in a specific way, like according to a certain type of dance rhythm\ i would just specify the dance, but i wouldn't create a detailed notation – just in case though, you could hear it through playback\ of course, there are workarounds, so it's not that big of a deal\ your idea is helpful with the notehead changing, though sometimes you need to change the stem too, which you can't really do, except by make the stem invisible and look for another one amongst the symbols (?)\ also it gets more complicated if you want for instance your crotchet to sound like a crotchet + a 32nd\

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