3.6 beta download documentation should note that uploads become impossible and downgrade difficult.

• Dec 18, 2020 - 21:26

I wish the 3.6 beta documentation had warned me about an issue before I downloaded and used it.
I ran the 3.6 musescore on a good working file, made changes and saved, and then found i was unable to upload to the musescore.com site as the software said that uploads from the beta version were not allowed.
Seeking to get around this, i used the website upload which pretended to work including reaching 100% processed but never finished saying "uploading" and not showing a useful preview (i deleted the upload).
I then tried opening the file with 3.5.2 version and it said it could not open file created by new version.
After some web searching and intuition, i found a workaround!
I used the 3.6beta version to change the Score Properties -> mscVersion field from 3.02 to 3.01, saved the file and tried the 3.5.2 version again...
this time it again said it could not open file created by new version but there was an "Ignore" button which I hit... after making a minor change and hitting File -> Save, i was saved!
(I did not detect any damage to the file from it's excursion).

Could you please warn about these problems (particularly the upload limitation) in the 3.6beta web page and possibly document the above mentioned work around for downgrading?

Thanks again for the great work. Sorry i am likely discouraged from further testing of the beta.


Guess this should get added to the "Known Issues" section of https://musescore.org/en/3.6beta

The upload issue will of course be fixed once 3.6 gets released, the down-rev compatitibility issue though won't, so you'd need to use that "Ignore" button (that mscVersion field doesn't really need to get changed though)

And to be clear: you already don't need to manually change the version field. If you save a file with 3.6 beta, you can open it directly in 3.5.2 with no changes, you just need to hit the "ignore" button when it wants you it was saved with a newer version.

So, it actually works fine to use 3l6 beta for your tests, even save new files, and if you want to upload them to msuescore.com, just open them in 3.5.2 (ignoring the warning) and then upload. So, not nearly as bad it it might have first appeared. But year, for any work you intend to upload to musescore.com, probably easier to stick with 3.5.2.

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I would agree the warning is scarier than we'd like now that we know 3.6 is a reality and introduces a change in the file format version number. When the error dialog was designed, it was assumed there would be no such changes until MuseScore 4, and I kind of expect that to be more problematic going backwards if it is possible at all. Unfortunately, we can't go back in time to change the message for 3.5.2, so we do have to live with this confusion.

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