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I have gone up to the latest Musescore.
My problem is that when I play back only some instruments are heard and the rest have no sound unless before I play. I click on a note of the instrument that is not playing. Then it plays.

After I have saved my work and reopen it later I find the some problem - some instruments do not play.
How can I fix this problem.
Also where can I get a handbook on the latest version?

Thank you very much. Come on Jojo spill your wisdom.


The current Handbook is always easily accessed via Help / Online Handbook from within MuseScore, or from the Support menu above on this site.

As mentioned, probably you have some instruments muted in the Mixer. It could also be some notes were disabled for playback in the Inspector. If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score.

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No, I have the same problem, and I made for sure that nothing in the mixer was muted or soloed. This problem is a very bad one to have if you have a lot of instruments in your score because you have to go and click on every instrument part so that you can hear them on playback every time you reopen Musescore.
For reference, I have Musescore 3.6.2. and I'm running Musescore on Windows 11. Thank you for any help you can give.

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Indeed, the actual score will help., But my guess is you changed the sound for one of more the instruments you added from the default, and you didn't take care care to stick with expr sounds for instruments that use single note dynamics, and non-expr sounds for instruments that don't. Basically, if the original sound used an expr sound, only replace with other expr, and similarly for non-expr.

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I ran into something like this myself, and haven't figured out the issue. I created a lead sheet 2-3 years ago, before the chord symbols had the option for playback. I was editing the score (adding a verse section) this week, and when I reuploaded the score, only the chord symbol audio is playing. I did check the mixer, though I don't know what the expected port and channel settings are supposed to be. Playback works as expected in the local editor; it's only on the website that this is an issue. Which may mean I shouldn't be asking the question on Here's the score fwiw

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If yiou check staff/part properties, you can see you have your instrument set to piano, and single note dynamics are disabled as they normally should be for piano. But if you check the mixer, you can see you have an "expr" sound chosen for playback. Those sounds only work with single note dynamics. So either change the instrument (e.g., to harmonica), or check the "single note dynamics" box, or change the playback sond to the non-expr version.

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