Bracket with Appogiature/Double stopped Grace note before note

• Jan 7, 2021 - 06:39

How can I do this, as show on measure 2, on the cello lines, the double stopped bracket with a slash going through the eight note, before the principal note?

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See for the double stop.
Then open the master palette (Z) and search for "left bracket", in this case I'd opt for the "left bracket for numerator" which seems to quite nicely span the distance of those two notes.

Another approach is to add a staff text and then add that symbol via the special characters input window, allowing you to resize the font for it to scale it.

It might also be worth to set a little bit of leading space to the main note (0,50sp) to make a bit more room for the bracket.

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Usually a "cue" is showing what another instrument is playing in small notes to indeed be able to keep track of what is going in (without having to play that on the instrument itself).

But in this case, due to the rhythmic slashes I'd indeed expect that the intention is for the piano to play the same as the harp is playing. Although I'm far from a notation interpretation expert, so I might be entirely wrong :).

In any case, you can quite easily write those slashes into the piano score using the Tool Fill with Slashes

This could be seen as a similar question, so hence why I'm asking it here. How would one add this, before the double bar line, going into the next measure?

Quotations is what I'm asking about
C# trill then "16th notes going upwards from B to C#" then after the 16th notes, would come in the resolution of the D Note.

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How can I have a custom scale on harps, I'm muting the tuplets, having the clusters act as the "Diatonic" tuning for the glissandi which im setting to "Diatonic". Musescore seems to be acting up on me.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it, I've attached the file below and the look of the scale. Thanks!

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