Playback at altered pitch?

• Jan 10, 2021 - 23:41

Can anyone tell me if there is a way for the score to playback at an altered pitch?

I write for acoustic guitar but have one guitar that I keep tuned 1 semitone lower than standard - so the E strings actually sound at E flat (and all the others accordingly). I want to be able to write an E but hear an E flat.

Anyone know how to do this please?


So if I'm reading this correctly, you'd want the playback to be a minor second lower, but both standard notation and tablature to be pretty much unaffected?

Please see if the attached works out for you, where I've included both a normal guitar and then the thing I believe you're looking for as a retuned guitar.

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Starting from a score with a regular guitar instrument:

  1. Open the staff/part properties
  2. Change the transposition to be "0 octaves + 1 minor second Down"
    This will ensure that playback plays everything half a tone lower than written (check concert pitch vs written pitch)

Do NOT change the string data, as that will affect tablature, which we don't really want in this case.

In case you had already entered music on that instrument:

  1. select it (click first note, then Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+End)
  2. Tools > Transpose
  3. By Interval, Down, Minor Second

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