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• Jan 2, 2021 - 14:32

it would be a nice feature to have the possibility of negative numbers in the capo playback for all of the downtuned guitars like Eb-Tuning...


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Maybe I misunderstood something in the question, but, as an alternative to changing the pitch of the strings in the String Data, you have the "Tuning" function in the Inspector (or even in the Synthesizer) for that, and so there is no need for a "negative Capo" which, indeed, on the theoretical and instrumental level of the guitar, is unexpected to say the least.
An example by changing the tuning in Inspector: tuning.mscz

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if you also use tablature it is impossible to change the string data because because this will change this completely. The synthesizer will change the tuning of every other instrument too.
The real life szenario is: you have something written in Standard tuning and play the same fingering on a guitar tuned down a half-step (which is quite normal). better not call it capo-playback I know.
here the solution with the inspector is ok (if you don´t do this with baritone guitars tuned down a fourth).
Maybe the best solution would be the possibility to try to not change the string setting of the tablature if you change the string-data or use the guitar as a transposed instrument

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Forgive my inexperience but it seems you can only do this to notes that have already been written. When trying to compose for a guitar tuned down to Eb I want to be able to hear the notes at the lower pitch when inputting - is there a way to do this?

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I may not understand exactly what you are trying to do but you have changed the guitar into a transposing instrument different than a real Guitar. You have added an octave + a minor second to the already 1 octave transposition that all standard guitars have. In this case the treble clef with an 8 below it takes care of the original transposition. One more thing you have done is turn on concert pitch (the "Concert pitch" button is pressed on the toolbar directly below the menus). You then manually changed the transposition of the instruments and changed the string data and inserted a local key signature so it looks like the instrument is in the key of C. I discovered that when I add a tablature to the instrument you created, you had the lowest string tuned to Gbb3 rather than Eb2

It will be easiest to start over. Make sure concert pitch is not pressed and then enter the string data. If you explain you ultimate goal someone can give you more guidance on how to achieve the results you want. Few things in MuseScore are as complicated as what you did with your guitar tuning. So if you every find it necessary to do something common like retuning a guitar in the future, you should ask for help in the forum if it seems complicated. So you know, I've seen people do this probably 100 times in these forums in the last 5 years I've been helping people here so I don't consider it dumb.

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Oh sorry Mike, I'm quite new to this and having been tinkering all over the place - as you found out! I'll go back and start over as you suggest.

For the record, what I am trying to do is write the score so that it looks like, for example E minor but plays back a semitone lower. This would allow me to sit with my physical guitar which is tuned a semitone lower than standard and play around with the composition and score at the same time.

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A problem with the master tuner is that it changes the notes on all instruments. In your score, the Harp and Bass will also be retuned. You basically want a 1 fret capo on an instrument that is tuned a 1/2 step lower so everything you play on that guitar is the correct pitch.

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actually that's ok - this is a 23 string 'harp guitar'. It has 3 banks of strings - 7 sub bass, 6 neck and 10 super trebles. All strings are tuned to match and I score it over 3 staves for clarity. If I ever scored for an ensemble with it it would become a problem then though yes.

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Problem solved by jeetee:

jeetee • Jan 13, 2021 - 09:22

Starting from a score with a regular guitar instrument:

Open the staff/part properties
Change the transposition to be "0 octaves + 1 minor second Down"
This will ensure that playback plays everything half a tone lower than written (check concert pitch vs written pitch)

Do NOT change the string data, as that will affect tablature, which we don't really want in this case.

In case you had already entered music on that instrument:

select it (click first note, then Shift+Ctrl/Cmd+End)
Tools > Transpose
By Interval, Down, Minor Second

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