External MIDI instruments

• Jan 13, 2021 - 17:11

I would like to play external MIDI instruments, but am unsure if this is currently supported. I am using the MOTU micro express interface on a Windows 10 machine. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Yes, I have it. And I would have guessed what that is. I was just concerned that it has been mentioned in a User Guide section and didn't seem to be. But I now see it is mentioned - just not described.

How does this fit in with playback? Is it to set whether, during play, input from the input MIDI port is added into the score material and delivered to the output MIDI port?


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I note that if I "activate" "Toggle 'MIDI Input' " both input and output MIDI device selections are gone. If I then "de-activate "Toggle 'MIDI Input' ", I can re-assign a MIDI device to input and/or output (but see below).

I note that when I do this, it does not seem from the dialog that the selection "sticks", and the selection does not "work", but if I close MuseScore and then restart it, those selections are in effect and working.

This latter was reported some while ago.


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I suspect that when we make a selection for input MIDI device and/or output MIDI device on Preferences/I/O, it is entered into the MuseScore "registry" (we can see it on Preferences>Advanced) but is not actually put into effect. The display seen on Preferences/I/O may come from what is actually in effect, and so if we close and re-open Preferences/I/O we see no selection in effect (and in fact the selection we made does not work).

Then if we close MuseScore and restart it, it loads the values from its "registry" into where they will actually affect operation, so they work. And then we can see them on Preferences/I/O.



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I further note that if I "activate" "Toggle 'MIDI Input' ", both input and output MIDI device selections as seen on Preferences/I/O disappear, and the MIDI output (at least) no longer functions.

If I "deactivate" "Toggle 'MIDI Input' ", neither device selection reappears, and the MIDI output function (at least) still does not function.

If I then close MuseScore, and then restart it, the two selections appear on Preferences/I/O and the MIDI output function (at least) again operates.

This is consistent with the conjecture I previously described.


I notice that the MuseScore Mixer allows assignment to different MIDI ports, so that (in theory) one should be able to address multiple external devices via different port assignments (connecting the devices to different
MIDI ports). However, the I/O section in Preferences seems to allow selecting only one port at a time (of multiple ports if your MIDI interface supports them).

If that is the case, it seems that addressing must instead be through channel number within a single port.
However, I am not sure. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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