How to get into Musescore from another computer

• Jan 14, 2021 - 02:23

My computer died. How can I get into Musescore from another computer?


Do you mean the score sharing site or the notation software?
For the .com site, you sign in. Even if you don't remember your password, I think there is a way to change it.
For the software, it's a little different. If your hard drive died and you need to get files off of it, there are surprisingly cheap and easy ways to do that. For the most part.

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Normally a drive "dies" because of some kind of problem with the sectors that control how it operates. So it indeed won't boot any more. But you don't need it to boot to get files off of it. By the way, you could also reformat a drive and still get some files off of it. Anyway, with a hard drive to usb adaptor, you can remove the drive from the "dead" computer and hook it up to a good computer. With 3rd party software, you can access and copy files from the bad drive. This also works for files you might have accidently deleted. As long as not to much time has passed. When you delete a file, the computer doesn't erase it. The simple explanation is that the computer only deletes the tags that it needs to find the file. Eventually the file is written over. But you can find it before that happens.
I have found all this out the hard way.

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Unless you remove the disc from the case and put it in another case of the same design. Not for the faint of heart, though.
So far the only crashed disk drive I haven't been able to get files off of is one where the circuit board burned up. But that's another story.

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