• Jan 14, 2021 - 16:33

Until I downloaded the latest updates for Musescore, I was able to save files as an MP3 file which was ideal for making click tracks. I do not seem to have that facility any longer, is it something that I have done? If so, can I revert back to my old Musescore file?
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You can install older versions, but the current stable version (3.5.2) should still be perfectly able to export to mp3 by using the "File → Export..." option and choosing the correct format there.

To be clear: the ability to export a score in MP3 format has always been present. In MuseScore versions from some years ago, this was erroneously placed under "Save" rather than the more proper "Export" item of the "File" menu. But that was corrected quite a long time ago, so it wasn't just the "latest" update - it's been the last couple of dozen updates over the past two years.

Aside from the change of menu name, though, the functionality itself is the same - it's not that it used to save and now it exports. It always exported (meaning, a one-way conversion) and never saved, even when it was erroneously calling it a save.

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I like that the MP3 export now allows you to select which parts to convert. I haven't used that function in quite awhile, so I don't know when this change was made. Nonetheless, this takes a good tool, and makes it great!

That being said, there is quite a lag (at least 30 seconds on my system) between clicking the execute button for the export until the progress bar appears. After that, the export itself seems slower than I remember it, but as I said, it has been some time since I used that tool.

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