Strange behaviour after XML import

• Jan 15, 2021 - 15:52

No big deal, but:
The example is just a part of a score created from an XML-file.
Perhaps someone can explain why Musescore (3.5, or 3.6... does not matter)
"reacts" like it does to this score?

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Sorry, but I feel this (your answers that is) is a bit "going in circles"

Once more:
Step 1. Musescore shows a "perfect" score.
Step 2. Check the bar information - all is OK,
Step 3. Count the notes ... all OK.
Step 4. Save the score.... all OK
Step 5. Open the score.... "score corrupted".

So: where in this score is the garbage?
And how to identify the error in the software?

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Sorry, I'm not understanding. I can see the score you posted originally is corrupt. Is there a second score you are saying you have somewhere that is not corrupt, and that you know of some steps that will cause it to become corrupt? If so, please attach the uncorrupted score, and list the steps that result in the corruption so we can try to investigate.

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Hi and thanks for answer.
I am a bit frustrated and disappointed about myself. ☹
I fail to/simply cannot explain myself and make my point clear in the first place!
However, I will give it one more "shot":
You say the score I posted is corrupt. Where in the Musescore example that I posted can I identify where the "corruption" is? Bar 1?
"Inside" the score "everything" seems OK. I cannot scrutinize the score to find where the error is. The bar in question seems perfectly OK.
A fix?: Simply delete all notes inside the bar and re-enter them and the error is gone.
Cause?: I suspect there is a "hidden" voice I cannot see.

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Hi and thanks for proposal.
However, the question is not how to fix a problem, there is perhaps multiple ways.
The problem is: why cannot Musescore show what the problem is except for when opening the score?
Where "inside" the score can I turn my attention to find the score-error?

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Maybe I'm still missing something, but to me the problem seems quite obvious to look at it. As the message tells you, the problem is measure 1, staff one. So, look at it. There are somehow three beats there even though the time signature is 2/4. What else would you be expecting to find in addition to this?

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Exactly. Corruption means, the actual notes in the score don't reflect what the bar properties say they should. It indicates a bug that happened during some previous edit operation, or else a bad file that was imported. The point is, now it is your job to fix the score using the techniques in the articles linekd previously.

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