Anyone seen MuseScore playback a note a third higher before?

• Jan 16, 2021 - 20:51

This not a complaint or something that needs to be fixed. I know how to fix it. I'm more interested in how it happened. Open the attached score. Forget the first part. Go to the last page and select the second note of the first measure of the cello part. It's supposed to be an F#, but plays back as an A. The text at the bottom right of the screen even says its a A. Same thing when the figure repeats.
Two things kind of bother me about this:
1. It is only this beat every two measures on this page. I wrote the 2 measure phrase on previous page (which plays correctly), then selected the two measures and hit "R". I may or may not have dragged some notes around. I don't remember now.
2. I wrote this part a few weeks ago. Something seemed off, but I'd been concentrating on other things. I wasn't all that worried until today when I was looking at this section again. That one beat being off by a third explains what has been eating away in the back of my mind. And what's worse, what's wrong with me that I didn't catch it right away. And where else in my music has this happened.

This score is for playback only. Don't worry about the viola being in treble clef. Also not finished yet.

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You must have entered it as an A then dragged it down to the space below (or, less likely, changed its Y offset in the Inspector). Just press Ctrl+R to reset it to its proper position - it really is an A. If you to change it to an F#, use the arrow keys as usual. I guess some people do try dragging notes to change their pitch, but this is not really recommended (by me anyhow) as it is quite error prone - accidentally double-click and you're in edit mode, and now you're making a manual adjustment as you did here.

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