Staff text "frame" margin property -- Odd behavior resulting from line breaks

• Jan 18, 2021 - 05:48

When staff text objects have "frame" margin properties some peculiar margin width behavior may occur, as illustrated in the attached score.

In short, the addition of line breaks generally increase the apparent side margins.

Staff Text – Frame margin behavior.mscz



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>> you can reduce the line spacing (in Inspector)

A "line spacing" property does not exist in MuseScore 3.5.2 so initially I was perplexed by that suggestion.

Line spacing is a nice addition to 3.6. And you are correct—in v3.6 lowering the line spacing reduces the left/right margins, that is, until I add more line breaks.

But logically why would I turn to line spacing to control the side margins, particularly when I'm perfectly happy with the line spacing?

So I guess we're back to the original question.


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>> Nitpick: that first "This phrase has five words" actually has 6, an additional empty line at the end.

Nitpick: Six words? I count five words and six line breaks. (I added the last line break—to the leftmost Staff Text object—to help illustrate the margin issue.)

Each addition line break in the Staff Text object causes an increase in the effective "frame" side margins. This occurs regardless of the line break's position: before the text, mid-text, or after the text. Try adding a few line breaks and you'll see.


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