Download of V 3.6 creates duplicate time signatures in existing scores.

• Jan 19, 2021 - 20:56

When I downloaded V 3.6, it created duplicate time signatures in existing scores and also created
multiple copies of existing scores in the same directory.

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Where exactaly, which measure(s)?
I see some in measure 15. In MuseScore 3.5.2
The score stems from , there's a know issue with those. Fixed in lated releases, but that won't fix 'infected' scores.

What do you mean by _and also created multiple copies of existing scores in the same directory._1

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I had a clean copy of my Pslams 23 score, but after I downloaded V3.6 and attempted to play it, there were
multiple cases of duplicate time signatures, very frustrating. You said "without manual intervention".
How do I do that? Every thing I've tried, has failed. I've already tried deleting the double and then using the
proper palette, create the correct time signature, but it puts back the duplicate in every case. I don't know
what else to do.

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The extra time signatures were created by an earlier version (the bug was fixed shortly after this score was created) but were "dormant" and didn't show up until something changed the layout. The same happens loading into 3.5.2, FWIW. Probably some bug fixed since 3.0.5 is resulting s measure being a little wider or narrower before and that woke up the dormant time signatures.

The way to get rid of them for good is

1) format / style / page
2) disable courtesy time signatures
3) save
4) close
5) reload
6) re-enable courtesy time signatures

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