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• Jan 20, 2021 - 08:48


I have a question about running the musescore programme.

What is the least required CPU that can handle musescore?

Why my question arose, is because i might buy a computer that have a Intel 3 processor, but i´m uncertain musescore will work on it, therefore defeating the purpose of buying the computer.

So what kind of requirements is necessery for Musescore to work, specifically what kind of CPU are required?

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But probably not an 80386. There could be other processors with "3" in the name, so to be sure, tell us more about the processor. If it's built in the last 10-15 years, though, it should be good. Worst case is it might need the 32-bit version. That's assuming you are running Windows.

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Should be more than enough. I'm running MS on a 10 year old PC with an Intel core duo processor. The limiting factor is the mechanical hard disk, (no SSD), so startup is leisurely but in use it has no issues.

Any computer as new as yours should find MS a breeze to run.
An i3 would be fine. (I have an old laptop with an Intel Celeron cpu and that run MS no problem).

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As long as a CPU supports the SSE2 command set, it'd be able to run MuseScore, That is Pentium 4, Winter 2000 and anything after that.
Any machine that is capable of running any of the Operating systems that MuseScore (and Microsoft and Apple) supports, can run MuseSscore. That is Windows 8.1 and 10, macOS 10.10 and later.

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The Surface Go comes in what Microsoft calls "S" mode. Which, as you say, will only run apps from the Microsoft store. But it can easily converted to a full version of Windows 10. For that reason I selected one with 8 gb of ram and the most storage I could get. I added a 128 Gb micro SD card to expand the onboard 128 GB. I needed a more portable pc. Is it a powerhouse? Obviously not. But I have been pleasantly surprised.

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