Tie across bars colliding with time signature

• Jan 20, 2021 - 10:35

Consider a tie across bars, where the second such bar has a time signature. The tie collides with the time signature. How can one partially hide the tie to avoid this? Or "protect" the signature in some way? Thanks in advance.


The best solution I know is to add an object with an opaque background and position it "between" the tie and time signature. One way is to use the image capture tool to get an image of a piece of blank paper, Ctrl+C to copy, then select the barline and Ctrl+V to paste. Now size and position it as desired. Lower the "Stacking order" in the Inspector to get it under the tie but on top of the time signature. A value of 1200 seems to do nicely, it also allows the staff lines to show.

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