Note articulation in chord

• Jan 21, 2021 - 16:57

First of all I need to mention that I really love MuseScore. Have been using it for some months now to create the sheet music for piano pieces I write, and I am learning a lot about notation from just working in MuseScore.

Now I have come to the situation where I have an arpeggiated chord, in which I want to articulate the highest note (which needs to be slightly louder). By default, the articulation gets placed below the right-hand part of the chord (in this case). Now, I can manually move the articualtion up and down. But I am running up to a question on notation theory:

How to properly indicate which note should be articualted within the chord?

This might get really confusing, for example when the middle note of the left-hand part of the chord should be articulated. It seems that music notation convention does not allow for this. So for this case I might just leave the articulation out and leave it up to the player. But I am wondering whether I might be missing something.

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Pretty much any pianist would naturally accent the top note, no special notation needed. Only if it was something other than the top note - and not clearly the main melody - would you even need to think about trying to invent a notation for this.

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