Chord Symbols in Parts don't change when styles are set to e.g. MuseJazz

• Jan 21, 2021 - 17:09
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S4 - Minor

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 1977cb3

1.) Load the attached file "creep_0v2.mscz"
2.) Change Style from standard to MuseJazz
3.) you'll see that in overall creep_0v2 even styles of Chord symbols change to Jazz-Style but in Piano/Sax it remains in the standard font.

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Title Chord Symbols in "Auszüge" don't change when styles are set to e.g. MuseJazz Chord Symbols in Parts don't change when styles are set to e.g. MuseJazz

Stlyes indeed need to gets set separatly in Score and all parts, this isn't new, been the case ever since.
These setting are about layout and as such do not propagate between score and parts

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Hi Jojo-Schmitz, have you tried as I described? Chord Symbols don't change their font at all. regardless if I change it within part or in the Score. Maybe my description is confusing or ambiguous? In the Score the chort symbols are in MuseJazz style font, but in the part they remain in default font regardless if I try changing them within the Score or within the part itself.

I can't reproduce either. Here is what I did:

1) load score
2) click Piano part
3) Format / Style / Chord Symbols
4) change to Jazz using the radio button

This worked. Then I also tried going to sax part and instead of changing the chord symbol style, changing the text style for a chord symbol in the Inspector, from Edwin to MuseJazz Text. That worked also. Then I hit Set as Style, and that worked also.

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Dear Marc,
you are right! Changing the font of Chord Symbols explicitly while being in the Piano/Sax tab, changes the font style correctly. I did not noticed this as in the main tab where all parts are visible, it was just enough to change the general Style to MuseJazz. That step included changing the font of Chord Symbols. But in the Parts, it is an additional step to explicitly change the font of Chord Symbols.

Sorry for confusing you guys. It was my bad.
Ready to ignore this issue.
Best regards, Karsten