Lost files

• Jan 22, 2021 - 05:00

When I downloaded the newest version of Muse (3.6.0) all of the files except one that I had created vanished. Some still needed editing. Where can I find them?


What was your previous version?
The installer never deletes scores saved in user directories. But every major version does use a different default directory to store its files in.

If you've saved your files with an older version somewhere within your documents folder, then they'll still be there.

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Thanks but it apparently did delete them. All I did was install 3.6.0 and no files! The older version was 3.5.2. I opened up that application and the files are no longer there either. I’m on an iMac 10.14.6 OS. Wonder where those files went. Appreciate your thoughts!

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I've searched my entire hArd drive and have so far come up empty. What specific file folders should I be looking for? And why aren't the files there when I open 3.5.2? Sorry that I may be a complete dope with this but I'd love to recover those files. Thanks!

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First step would be trying to retrace your steps to remember what folder you think you stored them in. If you have no idea, then they would normally be in the default Documents/MuseScore3/Scores, but if your search didn't find them, then my next theory is you've actually been working on autosaved copies leftover from a previous crash. See https://musescore.org/en/node/52116 for some places to look for autosave files.

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Thanks Marc--i put this in my search engine ~/Library/Application Support/MuseScore/MuseScore3/ and found a whole bunch of files but when I open them I don't see any of my work. What am I doing wrong? It says they are compressed files. How do I uncompress them to get them to open properly? thanks for any insights you can give me--Tony

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Reverting to factory settings won't affect any of your files in any way whatsoever. If you don't know where they are now, reverting won't move them somewhere else - you simply need to figure out where they are.

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