Musescore 2.3.2

• Jan 26, 2021 - 08:47

Hi I have a new laptop. I really would like Musescore 2.3.2
Still cannot get to grips with 3
Is it still available for download please.
I just cannot find it.


But I strongly encourage you to spend the few minutes necessary to get accustomed tho the incredible improvements in MuseScore 3. It would be a shame to waste hours and hours doing things manually in MuseScore 2 that happen easily and automatically in MuseScore 3, just for lack of spending those few minutes to get used to the changes in the menus etc. It's really worth it, I promise. And if you have questions about how to find something or do something that seems different, don't hesitate to ask!

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Many thanks

I have been using both. The 'explode' works so much better in 3. But my laptop did not like version 3. It made everything else crash. It hogged all the memory of the computer even in the background. In order to use it I had to close everything else and even then it jammed up. So it was a case of Version 2 or nothing. I have now got a new laptop, so I am hoping that Version 3 will work ok on that. It just takes time finding things all over again.

I also changed all the font settings and could not seem to change them back, I even tried reinstalling the program.

I have not been able to investigate the improvement in Version 3, but I am not using many of the facilities.

I take music from Musescore, and Imslp and kunstdefuge etc and rearrange them for recorder ensembles. And they we play along with them, often now over Zoom. So though we are all muted, we pretend we are playing together. So I am not using much of the capacity of Musescore.

We have been locked up at home for months now. The average age of our group is about 80, so it has been a really good way of keeping in touch. We are enormously grateful to Musescore and Zoom for making this possible.

Gradually the group is being vaccinated. I think all the 80 pluses have been done now, and they are moving onto the 75-80 group. Most of those have appointments now. I am in the next group so may be in the second week of February. But though it might stop you getting the virus and dying, it does not seem to stop you passing it on, so we will continue to be locked down for some time to come. So Musescore/Zoom sessions may have to continue for some time yet.

We managed several months of playing in a garden in the summer. (Only six allowed at a time and strictly 2 meters apart.)

So hopefully now I can get into Version 3. But perhaps at my age, changing is not so easy. But you are right I must work on it.

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Hmm, the memory requirements of MsueScore 3 should not be significantly different form those of MuseScore 2. Were you monitoring this with the task manager on your computer? Sounds like there might have been some sort of bad interaction with something else running on your computer. Feel free to start a new thread and describe the problem in as much detail as you can, and we can try to help. You shouldn't be experiencing problems like that.

Anyhow, I understand completely what you mean about change being harder to adjust to as we age! But I also know from some experience, while there can be initial resistance, we usually settled into the new way very comfortably as well, if it in fact is better - and here, it absolutely is :-)

To be honest, there isn't even that much that changed, but I'm not sure anyone ever put together a really great guide specifically on that subject. Like, a complete list that says "if you're looking for X, it has moved to Y". probably a bit late for that two-plus years later, but it's not such a long list, feel free to help us build us by letting us know any time you have trouble finding something.

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I have been struggling with Version 3 ever since it was first available. To some extent now I have a new laptop it is no longer an issue.
It was quite clear on the task manager just how much of the memory it was using.
And even worse continued to use even when it was simply sitting in the background.
So I have only been opening it briefly to do explodes, or moving a file someone has sent me back into Version 2 via MXL. I am not sure that it is now worth tracking down the problem.
I have not had trouble finding anything. It is more a question of how long it takes to find the things I use often. The movement of the start playing is probably the worst thing.
I just do not see why it had to move in the first place.
And I did a silly and changed the fonts and personalised the look of the programme and even reinstalling did not get rid of it. I just wanted everything much bigger. I hate wearing glasses.
If you increase the font size in Version 3 then lots of things go off the edge of the page. It is not very Ease of Access friendly.
I have also finally found the fix to the movement of the start playing by getting rid of the file operations task bar.
To some extent musescore in not very happy if you increase the size of things. So if you increase the size of the font, then the apply button disappears off the bottom of the page so you cannot reset it. I am constantly frustrated websites and programs with the Accept, OK, Apply etc buttons being below the edge of my page.
It is far easier to change the screen than to find glasses to wear which I do not need for general sight. I do not need them for example for driving.

I have attached two screen shoots of the Task Managers. One is from my new Laptop only running V3. This has an even higher memory usage for V3. And the Second from the old one which has both V2 and V3. . Here you can see how little V2 takes in comparison to V3.
Things are fine until some advert on Google Chrome suddenly takes a lot of memory and the whole thing seizes up or crashes. So apart from the enhanced explode function which is great, I can manage without V3.

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Thanks for posting a shot of your task manager. I suspect that you might have way too many things running at once. Unless you have 16 to 32 GB of ram. Your 32 bit version of MS can only access less than 4 GB of ram at most. So yes it uses less resources. But there is more to it than that.
Yes, Chrome is a known hog. We pay the price for more capability.
On my system 3.6.1 uses 384 MB with a large score. So, I understand.

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What do you mean "the movement of the start playing is probably the worst thing.". You mean the command to start playback of your score? This has always been the Space bar or a button the toolbar and hasn't changed a bit since MuseScore 1. Later you say you found a fix by getting rid of the file operations toolbar, but that was present in MuseScore 2 as well. I guess maybe you hid it long ago and forgotten>\? Indeed, you can do so again in MuseScore 3. You can also do very nice things like hide individual toolbar buttons, or add new ones, etc, using View / Toolbars / Customize.

Or, maybe you mean something else? Maybe you mean the Start Center? I don't tend to use that often, but the shortcut hasn't changed - it's F4. But it's true it moved from the View to the File menu. The latter is more appropriate since it does indeed open files. I think if you stop using 2.3.2 for a day or two, and only use MuseScore 3, you'll get used to that quickly, but even better to just press F4. Or customize the shortcut to be something you like better, using Edit / Preferences / Shortcut, it's that really something you use a lot.

I am also not understanding what you mean about changing the fonts making things go off the page. Yes, in any version of MuseScore, if you change fonts and make them too big to fit on the page, it will run off the side - no version of MuseScore has ever implemented word wrap. So maybe you mean something else but I can't tell what. Best to open a new thread and attach your score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail.

Or maybe you mean the fonts used in the program itself, not the fonts used in your score> Indeed, you if choose a font too big to fit everything on screen, that means some things go off screen. That was true in MuseScore 2 as well, nothing changed there that I can think of either.

Your task manager screenshots do show a small increase ins memory usage, certainly nowhere enough that you should actually notice a difference. No way would a 60 MB difference be noticeable in system performance. Whatever ill effects you are seeing must be coming from something else. But FWIW, probably that very small difference is just in the soundfont, and reverting to an older / lower quality soundfont would probably lessen the memory footprint. Again, such small changes shouldn't matter though.

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