What is the correct approach for horns?

• Jan 27, 2021 - 22:51

I'm engraving an old score that uses two horns: D horns in the first and third movements, and G horns in the second movement. I'm not sure what the correct procedure is for setting this up. It seems I cannot change the instrument properties for only a range of measures, and if I add an instrument, I cannot hide the staves in the first and third movements only. Both horns must appear in the same part, and I would like them to play back correctly. Any suggestions?


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That would seem to work, but I can't the the staff for the G horn to disappear in just the first and third movement, or the D horn to disappear for in the 2nd movement. I tried to find a way for those staves to disappear by selecting a range of measures, but I couldn't get it to work.

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I'm not clear then on how this works. Don't I need to create two instruments, a D horn and a G horn, and then when I change the instrument from D to G, I select the other instrument? Both staves appear in my score, and I can't get them to disappear in the movements they are not used.

If I may.
Why are you engraving this score?
Is it to be a copy of one that already exists? That's one thing.
Or is it to be played by a modern group?
There is no longer any such thing as a D horn. There hasn't been for 150 years or so. You may have heard that modern horn players are used to transposing parts. But that is not universal. If you want proper play back and playability by real players, horn in F is what you want.
I have spent some time playing horn.

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