Trills, turns, etc

• Oct 22, 2009 - 23:05

Trills, turns, and such are not reproduced in playback. Is this a problem with MuseScore or with a SoundFont?


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That's not good.

Ok. Here's a politically incorrect question on a forum like this. Is this limitation common in music composition/scoring software (like Sibelius and Finale) or is it unique to MuseScore? I've been using MuseScore for only 3 weeks and am not totally wed to it.

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I think Finale developed for about 15 years before they added realistic playback such as ornamentation. Luckily MuseScore is developing much faster so I don't think you'll have to wait 15 years. Also keep in mind that Sibelius and Finale cost hundreds of dollars while MuseScore is free and developed by volunteers in their free time.

For what it is worth I have Finale 2007 on my machine. I bought it before I even knew MuseScore existed. When I was using Finale full time I got frustrated with the number of bugs I kept running into. When I submitted my first bug reports to MuseScore most of them were fixed within days. Needless to say I was a convert. That doesn't mean I don't use Finale from time to time for certain projects.

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