Legacy chord description files render major chords with explicit abbreviation if chords.xml not loaded

• Aug 31, 2014 - 16:00
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With the /mscore-2.0/styles/cchords_sym.xml, a Major chord is coded with a DELTA sign.
This is superfluous, the name of the note is sufficient. The DELTA sign should only be used
to point out the presence of a major 7th.


The old chord description files should no longer be needed; they are kept only for compatibility for old scores. From now on, if you want the jazz style chord, just go to style / general / cbird symbols and select Jazz. You can then type chords however you like and they will be recognized and rendered appropriately. To get the triangle, type "t" or "^".

But in any case, it *should* be the case that when using cchords_sym, you can get a major chird with no triangle just by typing the root. Are you finding otherwise? Can you be more specific about what you are doing?

Never mind, I see what you mean. New score, set style to cchords_sym, enter "C" as a chord, it displays as Ctriangle. On it. Tried to set "Project" field for this issue back to MuseScore, but it won't let me.

So, here's what I see:

If you take a score originally created in 1.3 that used cchords_sym and load it into 2.0 Beta 1, everything is fine.

If you create a new score from scratch and set it to use cchords_sym - which as I mentioned should no longer be necessary - then you see the effect you mention. That is because in 1.3 there was also a "chords.xml" that was necessary to accompany those particular chord description files. So the effect you mention does not occur if you also click the "Load chords.xml" box when specifying cchords_sym.xml. Admittedly, very far from obvious. And if you don't remember to do it at the same time as when you specify you want cchords_sym, and then start entering chords, they will automatically be converted to use the triangle, and that won't be fixed if then set the option later - you'll have to re-entered those chords).

This happens for the other "cchords" styles as well.

Let me know if my description of what is happening matches what you are seeing. It won't be an issue for most people, hopefully. But I'll see about fixing it, either by modifying the chord description files to include just enough of chords.xml to prevent this from being an issue, or by enabling the "Load chords.xml" option by default when selecting a custom style. Would rather not have to do that, though - this would inconvenience those creating *new* chord description files, as these will no longer need to have chords.xml and will be better off without it.

Sorry, that's more information than you need. But it helps me to have this down in writing to refer to as I look at fixing this, especially if I need to revisit it later.

I don't understand, my score is a new score written with the 2.0 version (built this afternoon), when i write
C for a C major Chord, I want to see C, not C-triangle. I use cchords_sym.xml because it is a compact writing. I had a look at the cchords_sym.xml and I see that a solution would be to write an other xml file.

I join my score, change the chord model and see what happens, it's quite surprising when chords.xml is choosed.

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Let me explain again:

If you want to use cchords_sym, you need to check the "Load chords.xml" option. That is why your major chords are showing up with a triangle.

However, with MuseScore 2.0 Beta 1, it should *not* necessary to use cchords_sym anymore. Simply go to Style / General / Chord Symbols and click the "Jazz" option. The results should be more or less exactly the same as when using cchords_sym. For example, set the Jazz option and then type chords "C", "C-", "C^" - don't these look exactly like the old cchords_sym from 1.3 (you might need to change the font size as well)? 1.3 required you to change to cchords_sym just to *allow* you to type "C-", but with 2.0 beta 1, you don't need to do that. You can type C-, Cm, Cmin, Cmi at any time, and *all* of these will be recognized and rendered correctly.

In fact, if you take your score as it is and change it to the "Jazz" option, you'll see the triangles turns into "ma", but everything else should stay the same, and then you can remove the "ma". And from now on, when you type "Bb", you will get Bb, not Bbtriangle. If you want Bbtriangle, you can type Bb^

We will probably remove the ability to select cchords_sym etc in a future release, because it now serves no useful purpose - simply selecting the "Jazz" style should allow you to do everything those files did and much more too.

Title Not exactly a bug but... Legacy chord description files render major chords with explicit abbreviation if chords.xml not loaded

Changed title to reflect what is actually happening.

Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)


It's still the case that you should shouldn't use these legacy files any more, and if you do, you will need to check the "Load chords.xml" option to get the full effect. But the PR at least makes it so major chords render without the abbreviation (trianlge for cchords_sym, maj for cchords_rb, etc).