A toggle to enable display of the 5 line Drum Palette continuously

• Feb 2, 2021 - 11:21

This request is addressed to jazz musicians. Are there others who would require this feature besides myself?

The request here is to display the 5 line Drum Palette continuously if opened and to have a toggle to "hide/display/minimize" at the musician's discretion and not imposed by the software.

I require the ability to keep the drum palette visible even when not entering drum notes. This feature existed previously in some earlier versions of museScore. In version 3.6, showing the drum palette is context-dependent and automatic, over which the user has no control.

As a jazz musician I make frequent use of the 5 line drumset staff. I have found it difficult to use the 5 line Drum Palette together with other instruments. It disappears whenever focus is lost from the drumset staff and makes comparing to other instruments stodgy, especially if a single phrase runs between other instruments and the drumset. When returning to the drumset staff I need to click on the insert note mode in order for the drumset palette to reappear.


I'm a jazz musician, and I can't say I've ever wanted to lose part of my score to the drumset palette while not using it. If I understand your comment from the issue tracker correctly, it's not so much that you want to actually see the palette while not using it, as you find it distracting somehow to see it appear and disappear? But then, I'm not sure how the palette helps you compare to other staves, so maybe I'm still just completely misunderstanding.

It might help if you posted a sample score and described what you are trying to do in more detail. Perhaps also a screencapture video of what you are doing, or a GIF, or even just screenshots, so we can understand better.

Do note you never need to "click" anything to enter note input mode, the shortcut "N" works perfectly. Also, you don't need to leave note input mode in the first place, just use Alt+Up/Down to move seamlessly between staves while remaining in note input mode.

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