new musescore 3.6.2 overrides chosen fonts in preferences

• Feb 9, 2021 - 09:50

Just installed the new version of musescore 3.6.2 but text fonts changed and override my choice of fonts in the preferences. How do I stay with my preferred fonts?


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but it is a effect that after I was asked to incorporate 3.6.2 features fonts were changed to serif type
not in the preference but in every old score I opened
should be corrected, I think it is a bug
there are new features but leave the preferences alone if they don't conflict with new features

To be clear: there is no setting in Preferences that controls the fonts in your score, and there never has been. The font setting there affects the user interface only - menus, dialogs, etc. Fonts in your score have always been affected only by the style settings for that score.

So, you probably never had a setting controlling your fonts, it was just the old default FreeSerif. Now it's Edwin.

If you do wish to use FreeSerif in future scores for some reason, simply save a score set up that way to your Templates folder, then future scores created from that template will inherit those style settings.

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can style be part of my template. the style I created before is not valid in the new version
I assume you meant handling page option in style
Still don't know how since it relates to top-bottom positioning of the score.
I thought it had something to do with printing the score
thank you

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