new musescore 3.6.2 moves score to middle of screen

• Feb 9, 2021 - 10:07

How do I set musescore to open a score or new page in upper left corner, like it used to be before last update.
I couldn't find anything in the preferences so I probably missed something
thank you


In Edit > Preferences > Canvas do you perhaps have a constraint set on Limit scroll area to page borders ? That would affect the allowed positioning of the score:


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"why middle?"
I think that's because you are talking about a 1-page score at a specific scaling?

If you have a multi-page score, enabling this setting Limit scroll area to page borders ensures that using PageUp and PageDown always displays a complete page on the left margin. Similarly you can't drag the page vertically off the screen area beyond its remaining visible border, so you will never reveal more of the non-score background.

When the Limit scroll area setting is disabled, you can end up with a partial page displayed at the left margin or a page half on-screen in a vertical direction.

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Everyone has a different screen width and a different arrangement of side panels. For me, in my Presentation workspace, I have no side panels, and the score fits very nicely centered with a comfortable and pleasing margin on either side, all ready for my use in online teaching.

For normal use, I am in my Editing workspace and I have both side panels open, and the score opens to the left as I expect because it doesn't fit on screen.

I guess you only see a problem if you start with no right panel, and then open the panel later? I almost never do that, but yes, I can see this is a step backwards for that use case.

I was the one who came up with the idea of centering the score, so I will absolutely fix this ASAP.

In my understanding, the core of the problem is that the score doesn't get "re-centered" when the size of the ScoreView changes (for example when you open the inspector).

Currently, when the ScoreView is resized, the top-left corner of the view stays in the top-left corner. A possible solution to the problem, is to make the center stay in the center. Would that be a good idea?

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no, right options like F10/F11 inspector etc cover part of the score when it is in the middle
and before the update to 3.6.2 the score started at top left corner when palettes screen was open
please make it an option at least so both left side and middle users will enjoy editing like always

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For me, it's very simple (I usually place the Palettes, the Inspector, even the Selection Filter all on the left - I have three tabs at hand)

Already, the left panel, constitutes in itself a kind of margin. More the margin of the score itself. In addition, from now on, there is a totally empty space, which "physically" distances the score from all the possibilities of editing, of various additions from the Inspector or the Palettes. Except therefore to manually moving the file at each file opening. Cumbersome!

Not only does it shake up the display as it has always been with the MuseScore program, but it also contradicts the evolution of the next version 4.
Create a new score with a recent nightly, you'll see that the score is directly adjacent to the left panel, and to your delight, there are "Palettes"/"Instruments"/"Inspector" tabs placed vertically on the side. Space saving, and easy access. Just perfect!

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Do you mean like it was in 3.5.2?

By the way, technically, the Palettes panel never "covers" the score view; it just moves the whole view to the right (and makes it smaller on the right side). So the point you see in the top-left corner after opening/closing Palettes is the same point as before the action.

The Inspector/Mixer/anything on the right strictly speaking also don't cover the score view, but makes it smaller, so that the effect is the same as covering it.

A possible solution would be like this:


But this way, larger scores, that are not centered initially, would also move:


The "re-centering" should take that into account too, but what exactly should be "the rule" here?

Somebody told me once that I should not want to make software too smart. Maybe this is a case of that...

I could revert the whole centering thing and just let the score appear in the top left corner as in 3.5.2. Is that the best option? (Maybe not the most aesthetic way, but surely the most practical/ergonomic.)

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Well, I don't see any reason to not use 3.6.2 based on just this minor albeit slighly annoying regression.
And don't hold your breath on 3.6.3 to get released, it is*nt yet deciced whether this would happen at all, but if so, I won't expect to release in less than a month or two (unless there are serious regressions detected)

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