Bracket vs brace

• Feb 9, 2021 - 17:30

They point out some inaccuracies in the Italian translation:
Parentesi Parenthesis
Parentesi tonda () round brackets
Parentesi quadra [] square brackets
Parentesi graffa {} curly brackets
In particular for accidentals in Inspector they ask me to correct in this way
What strings do they correspond to?

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OT but:
In the Symbol in the palette I also see * which is not present when applied to the score.
From what I learn from frequenting the forums: Round brackets are applied to the accidental by the composer. The square brackets when not present in the original score, in the case you can add * and an annotation like "Arranger's suggestion".


Is there anything I haven't found?

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Parenthesis is singular, parentheses plural. "es" is a common plural ending in English (dress/dresses, church/churches), so even though this particular usage is unusual, maybe it helps to think of it that way. Similar for other -is words like thesis/theses.

Bracket technically speaking is a generic term that includes parentheses, braces, and square brackets. But used by itself I always assume it refers to square brackets, and it kind of bugs me when people use it to refer to ordinary parentheses, even though I guess it's a legitimate use of the word.

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