Stickings don't export in .musicxml

• Feb 11, 2021 - 08:24

When I add stickings to snare drum scores and export the file to .musicxml, the stickings vanish when I reopen the file. This does not happen with .mscz files. How do I fix this issue?

I have uploaded both the .musicxml and .mscz files for the same exercise for comparison.


I'm not sure MusicXML has a concept of sticking, so even if MuseScore were to export it, there's probably no way to do so in a way that would allow is to come back as sticking. Normally, you shouldn't be using MusicXML to save files just to repoen them within MuseScore - it's meant only for interchange with other programs and it is to be expected some info will be lost in translation.

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Thanks for your response, Marc. The platform I founded,, currently converts .musicxml or .xml via OSMD so that contributors can more easily use the notation software of their choice. Any idea of a workaround or another near universal file type that may be better suited to our needs?

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MusicXML is the most widely-supported standard there is. If it doesn't support sticking yet - and I see no evidence it does - I recommend checking out the committee (it's part of W3C I believe) responsible for its standardization to request it be added in the next version of the standard. Then we would be able to support it directly

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I've asked our developer to request it be added to the next version of the standard, but we need a work around in as close to the immediate future as possible in order to keep serving K-12 music programs during the pandemic. How about entering stickings via the lyric feature? We can add lyrics beneath all note values except grace notes, which are stacked vertically above/below the "lyric" attached to the quarter note. Is there any way to allow lyrics to be entered under the grace note?

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