grace notes and double repeat bar (plus other repetition marks)

• Sep 1, 2014 - 10:10

Hello, I'm using Musescore 1.3 for a few weeks now and I'm wondering how to create grace notes at the end of a note. The program only puts them in front of the selected not but I would like to put them after a note. (In Dutch this is called 'voorslag' en 'naslag', but I can't find the right translation).

I also tried a double bar repeat. That means; you play two bars which have to be repeated several times. One bar is repeated with a line and two dots, but there's also a sign for a two bar repeat. Please add this in a future upgrade.

In addition there's also a repeat-sign for a quarter-note. For example; at the first quarter note of a 4/4 bar you play four sixteenths which have to be repeated at the other three quarter notes. To make a lay-out which is easier to read, you don't want to write a lot of sixteenths.


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