No sound when pressing key on Piano Keyboard

• Feb 16, 2021 - 01:32

I'm no longer able to hear sounds when I press different notes on the virtual piano keyboard, for any instruments. I've changed no settings between it working and when it stopped working, and I tried resetting to factory settings, but no luck.


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Then probably you have selected a staff that produces no sound like maybe it's not hooked up to a valid sound in the mixer, or it's slider is pulled all the way down. Be sure to select the staff you want to use as the source for the sounds and that the staff in question actually can produce the notes you want to hear (eg, trying to play the highest note on your keyboard with a tuba staff selected won't work).

I've noticed that if I have an individual note or notes selected on a staff, then the digital piano won't produce a sound when pressed, but if I have an entire measure selected then I will get the sound.

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