Jack preferences for becomeTimebaseMaster (PREF_IO_JACK_TIMEBASEMASTER) broken in commit 8 months ago

• Feb 17, 2021 - 07:50

I'm running jack and have MuseScore using jack, and create a tempo element, and starting playback runs at that tempo. But after changing that tempo (either by using the auto follow-text or by manually editing tempo via inspector), if I press playback the tempo is still the same.

However if I go to preferences and change MuseScore to use pulseaudio (and restart), then the tempo plays back correctly at the new speed. If I then go to setting again and change back to jack (and restart), then the tempo plays back at the old speed.

It is as if the tempo is fixed with jack. I'm a little perplexed.

On Arch Linux 5.11 x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34


I've pinged Sergio on the Telegram dev chat so he can confirm this to be an oversight error or explain the intent of the change if it was deliberate.

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I could be totally off base to, so I shouldn't accuse you of breaking it...maybe I'm the one confused.

But I'm quite suspicious of the "//till this" on https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/blob/v3.6.2/mscore/prefsdialog.c…

and "//this" on https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/blob/v3.6.2/mscore/prefsdialog.c…

I don't know what that comment in your commit means...but to me that comment looks like you might have intended to do something and forgot to follow through completing it.

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