Will not play via audio interface

• Feb 21, 2021 - 12:45

Just bought a new Mac mini and set up Musescore 3.6.

However, in preferences although I can see and select my audio interface, musescore always plays back via Mac mini speakers.

Have tried this several times now....it always shows that Scarlett 2i2 is selected, but does not play back through device at all. Works fine with other programs.

Any ideas??




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This is still odd....spent whole of yesterday working on a piece..played back via audio interface fine, despite the fact that I had to select "Mini Mac Speakers" in preferences to get it to do this. If I selected "Scarlet 2i2" it played via Mac speakers!.

This morning its playing via mini Mac speakers no matter whet I set in preferences.....nothing I do can make it play via audio interface.

Other apps play via interface, and it is set as default in the system preferences.

No idea.....

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This was some problem with Mac....unplugged sound interface and other apps started using it fine. Scarlett 2i2 is now set as default sound output device on the Mac, and other programmes use it

But back in situation where Muscore 3.6 plays via Mac mini speakers no matter what I select in preferences. I've tried restarting audio / midi devices several times. The interface is visible as an option, but selecting it makes no difference - it plays via speakers on Mac mini.

Very frustrating!

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Didn't work this time.....now got no sound at all!!!

Edit.....this seemed to be a more general problem as other apps weren't playing via sound interface either. I unplugged USB cable for a few seconds, replugged and other apps started playing via interface fine.

However.....Musescore 3.6.2 was still stuck on MacBook mini speakers. Toggling midi output, restarting audio / min all made no difference - went through process several times. Then....one final try .... I set port audio to Mac book mini speakers and it started playing via the interface again!

Think this may be a more general issue with Mac mini rather than Musescore as other apps that use sound can behave strangely when computer is woken up.....confusing!

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This sounds to me to just be the way the interface works. I'm not totally sure if your Mac works the same as my PC. It certainly sounds like it.

My Scarlett has to be plugged in before starting MuseScore. Then ASIO must be selected in API. You may or may not have choices in the "Device" pull down menu. One of my computers does and another does not. It doesn't seem to make any difference what the "Device" setting is. I seem to remember leaving the "Device " setting on my computer speakers, and playback still went through the Scarlett headphones and not the computer speakers. Once the Scarlett is recognised, playback is done through it. But you might need to experiment. If you disconnect and reconnect the usb cable, you take the Scarlett out of the loop. Then you need to restart MuseScore to get the Scarlett to work again

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Disconnecting the Scarlett 2i2 and the restarting MuseScore seems to work. I've recently shifted to Mac from PC...just getting to find my way around! PC was getting very tired and I discovered Logic Pro X....so decided to get set up with Mac stuff. Impressed with Mac mini. My PC was pretty old and really struggling to run anything to do with video editing. Making short (5 - 8 min) videos with high quality sound tracks using basic Mac mini is another world....everything happens in real time with no delays / judders. You just don't think about it!

After several weeks of working well this problem has reared its head again, although in a slightly different form. MuseScore 3.6.2 now reverts to playing via mini Mac speakers every-time I open a new file.

I've worked out how to get it back to playing via Scarlett 2.1....basically go to I/o. Mini Mac speakers are selected as the output source. Select Scarlett 2.1 as output, restart audio and apply changes and close. MuseScore still plays via mini Mac speakers but this stage seems essential!

Then go back to I/o , select mini Mac speaker as output source, restart audio and apply. Playback is now via the Scarlett 2.1 interface, even though Mac mini speakers are selected. (This is probably because the Scarlett 2.1 is set as the default audio output for the entire computer).

Not a huge problem and almost certainly something to do with Mac rather than MuseScore. However, Im currently trying to finish a project so opening / closing lots of files all the time. I have to go through this procedure every time I open a new file!

For last 24 h this seems to be the only way to get the interface as the output device!

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