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• Feb 22, 2021 - 20:47

I find this aspect of MuseScore incredibly frustrating. And I'm an experienced software user and former software professional. Attached is a score which is too cramped, I want more space between systems. I've gone to Format->Style-Page, and I've tried all of the relevant settings under both Enable vertical justification and Disable vertical justification, including Min. system distance in both boxes. Nothing happens. Please, what is the secret? Thank you!


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OK, well this is embarrassing. I didn't realize that you had to Select All to use the Disable vertical justification option. After I did that then lo and behold the Min system distance option worked like a charm. To quote Roseanne Rosannadanna.....................never mind.

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Actually, selection is irrelevant when using the style dialog - by definition, style settings affect the whole score. It had to be just coincidence that whatever you did with everything selected was different from what you did before.

But, there should be no reason to disable justification, this won't produce better spacing in very many cases; almost always it will be worse. Including, most definitely, your score here.

In your case, the only reason your spacing is so cramped is you are in the special "single page" view, and the usual justification of systems to fill the page cannot work in that special mode. So instead it is using the max system distance you have set under the non-justified section. And for some reason, you've set that crazy small - only 4 sp. Hit the reset button to set that back to the default and suddenly even the special single page view will look more normal.

But still, this is not how your score really looks when printed any more than continuous view is; it's just a special editing mode. Switch to the more standard page view to see how your score really looks. And you'll see then that turning off the vertical justification would be a big mistake, leading to very ragged margins.

I see you've also set some non-default values for other settings in Format / Style / Page, Maybe the frame margins one were deliberate, but the rest seem pretty random and almost certainly counterproductive. I'm guessing maybe you were just messing around with those trying to figure out why the special single page view wasn't spreading your systems more. At this point, I'd recommend

I'd recommend hitting the Reset All Styles to Default button in the Format / Styles dialog, view your score in page view, and then consider if you want to make any customizations. But I think you;ll find the defaults work quite well here. I might personally consider upping the min staff distance, as the default of 3.5 sp allows the staves within each system to be pretty crowded. You can still keep it to five pages with a min of 5.5 sp and I think it's a bit better for it. But part of the last page is still wasted, so I'd also experiment with adding system breaks to spread things out more to fill the five pages. Or else, reducing the spacing and/or staff size to fit it all on four pages - as a pianist, I'd personally prefer avoiding the extra page turn.

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