Glissandos disappear

• Feb 27, 2021 - 21:14
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S3 - Major
needs info

1 insert a glissando mark
2 move it around
3 sometimes it desappears, and usually it's really difficult to select it after a few moves


Status active needs info

In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the score you are having problems with, and give us precise steps to reproduce the issue (eg, tell us which notes to add the glissando to, and how/where to move it in order to see the issue).

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Thank you for your comment.
Here is the step by step:
1 - insert 2 notes.
2 - insert a glissando (I used the third one from end to beggining)
3 - move it around and occasionaly if you leave the symbol horizontal it disappears after you save the work.

Obs: As I use this symbol as an indication for the right hand in classical guitar, sometimes I need to leave it horizontal, and the other symbols are no good for me because I need it to be flexible to use it.

Another issue is that randomly the glissandos becomes really hard to select and move around.

As we said, in order to investigate, we need you attach the specific score you are seeing this one - the issue could have to do with specific settings or corruptions in that score. And we need to know which specific notes to add the gliss to, and where and how you are moving it. I cannot reproduce any such problem myself with my own scores.

But, it also sounds like you are not actually meaning this as a glissando but as a substitute for some other symbol you are having trouble understanding how to add correctly. Another reason to attach your specific score so we can see what you mean and advise you better as to the correct symbol to use. Like, maybe it should be a line from the Lines palette.