Light grey "Minus sign" over bar and bold bar line

• Mar 3, 2021 - 00:32


Not sure what I pressed, but a light grey minus sign appeared over my bar, between two notes and the bar line turned bold black. When I copy and paste the bar to a new score so I can share it, the minus sign and bold bar line disappears, but a note is added where the minus sign used to be. I tried removing the bar and inserting a new bar, but the minus sign shows up again. Any idea how to remove the minus sign?


In reply to by Shirly Lyubomirsky

Pressing Ctrl+Delete is like changing the "actual duration" of a measure in Measure Properties. It's like a time signature change without actual changing time signature - like to have one random measure have only three beats in a 4/4 piece without actually showing the 3/4 time signature. One example of why this might be useful - a three-beat pickup. Another would be for the last measure of a piece that has a one-beat pickup, in music that uses the old-style convention of shortening the last measure to account for a pickup.

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