Accented music lines

• Mar 3, 2021 - 14:32

Dear Sirs
I have a difficulty and I don't know the solution
In the music sheet of the music attached, the first and fourth lines are black but accentuated when they should all be the same
How to solve it, I didn't find out why it happened
I am very grateful for the help
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico

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Counting the lines of the music sheet, from bottom to top, see that the first line and the fourth line are in bolder accent than the other lines and I don't know why this is happening
Can you enter now
Thanks for listening
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico

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My guess is your operating system and display device drivers aren't doing a very good of rendering thin lines on your monitor. You can play with the "antialiased" setting within MuseScore in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts to see if that works around these shortcomings. Or perhaps your system provides settings for this. In any case, ass observed, it's just something specific to how your monitor is displaying the line, the line itself is fine and will look fine printed or exported as a graphic or viewed on screen at a different size or viewed on someone else's system, etc.

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