Where is the (Conductor icon) ?

• Mar 4, 2021 - 20:01

I want to add a count in but can't find the conductor icon.


See my response to your similar post elsewhere - it's in View / Play Panel.

FWIW,l you can also add it to your main toolbar via View / Toolbars / Customize Toolbars.

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As mentioned, it is already in the Play Panel. if you also want it on the toolbar, go back to the dialog shown in your picture, select the icon shown in the list at right, and click the arrow that points to the left. This will add the icon to the list at left, which is the list of icons to display on the toolbar. When you hit OK, you'll find it on your toolbar.

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Marc wrote >> You need to create a custom workspace first, using the "+" button

To its credit MuseScore does show a warming. But it would be helpful if MuseScore show a a more substantial alert—at the user's point of focus—via a tooltip on hovering any of Edit Toobar's disabled arrows.

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