wasted blue space

• Mar 5, 2021 - 03:45

Hello, I am new to musescore 3
on my computer, the main window is filled with blue


I find it a waste of space
is there a way to remove the blue zone?


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I did try zoom, without success. Notes are so small. More blue wasted space:
zooming in, it get so large I cant see the score
worse, there are no horizontal scroll bars, so score is hidden:

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Just zoom the size you want, and if the score is currently scrolled off to the side, just scroll it back. Simplest is just press the Home button to get to the top left, but also, the scroll wheel scrolls vertically, or horizontally with Shift. If you never want the freedom to scroll the page off to the side again, you can disable that feature in Edit / Preferences / Canvas.

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