• Mar 6, 2021 - 14:43

In MuseScore 3 I could export my parts and when the export was done, a pop up message would tell me that the export was finished.

However, with MuseScore 3.6 I do not receive that message so I have to count the number of parts and with large projects it is time consuming and difficult.

Any suggestions how to reinstate receiving that message.
Thank ou


Do you mean PDF or audio?

There is also no pop up to let you know when any export is finished. Although the progress bar goes away after audio export.

But PDF export is very fast. You can prove it to yourself this way, if you are on windows.
Drag MuseScore to the right until just the left palette shows
In Explorer, open the folder where you are going to save the parts. MuseScore will be covered by explorer, so you will need to select it from your taskbar.
Set up the export as you normally would making sure to point the export to the folder you have open.
Hit SAVE and watch the parts populate the folder. It will stop when done.

You wouldn't want to do this every time. This just shows you that it happens fairly fast. At least on my system.

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