Assigned SFZ files do not play

• Mar 8, 2021 - 15:14

I have installed the VPO sfz files into the soundfonts folder and I am able to see the list of instruments in the Zerberus synth and load the sounds. I am also able to assign the files to each track using the Mixer. However, the sounds do not play. There are no error messages to indicate any problems. What am I doing wrong? (see attached screenshots)


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

As this is the first time that I have used sfz files, I'm finding the instructions for Musescore to be incomplete. It was only by spending a lot of time reading through all of the other posts from users asking how to use sfz files that did not include an answer, was I able to piece together most of the steps. I would like to submit the steps I had to use so they can be included in an updated set of instructions/tutorials on how to properly install and use these types of files?

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