Half-diminished symbol

• Mar 9, 2021 - 03:56

I can't create a half-diminished symbol. I have tried a lot of suggestions people have given me. Please help.

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"0" (number 0) has been the shortcut for half-diminished in chord symbols ever since around version 1.1 or so. Works fine within Roman numeral analysis also, and even in normal text when using the Campania font.

I assume you want it in RNA for the third measure here. You need to enter it before the inversion numbers, otherwise it gets interpreted as part of the inversion specification. So, vii065/7. You've typed "o" which is the fully-diminished symbol - again, though, you need to enter it before the inversion numbers.

BTW, seems like you inadvertently (?) dragged the first note of the measure, it's a D# but displaying as if it were an A#.

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